Conservation mounting and framing of works of art on paper

“Conservation Framing” is a term used to describe the use of materials and techniques which provide protection to framed works of art on paper. Why do works of art on paper need protection?

Paper is sensitive to its surroundings: it can be adversely affected by dampness, changes in temperature and humidity, restriction of movement and exposure to light. Paper will also react to the materials with which it is in contact such as acidic support boards and self adhesive tapes. Evidence of damage caused by adverse conditions can be seen in pictures with mount burns, foxing (small brown spots), fading of pigments or darkening and increasing brittleness of the paper.

Preparing a picture for framing. If the picture (art or document) is damaged, foxed, stained or stuck down onto an acidic cardboard backing, we can advise on preservation and conservation options. In some cases, preservation may mean leaving well alone and simply ensuring that the picture is well protected through conservation framing.

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